Our Story

Our Story

Natural Soul Skincare

I decided to start my own organic and natural skincare range because:

  • We use knowledge from my Indian heritage to develop a skincare range with a difference.
  • We decide what ingredients to use, so we know exactly what's in the products we make and use!
  • We make products that are in-line with my personal values (vegan, organic, natural, sustainable).
  • We develop high quality products, the same as the luxury brands I love for a more reasonable price.
  • We don't have to buy a shop bought product ever again.
  • All products are multi functional and help to solve any skin concerns people may experience.
  • All products are noncomedogenic.
  • All products are hand-made.

If you share these values, order your products now!!!!! There is something for everyone.


Nutrients & Balancing Properties

Unique & Natural Products

Plants contain all the nutrients and balancing properties the skin requires. These products are unique because they are

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Products are non-comedogenic
  • Cruelty free and ethically sourced.
  • Free from toxins, chemicals including all parabens and preservatives
  • There are no artificial colours or fragrances in any product
  • Every product is hand-made, there is no use of machinery
  • These products are great for men and women (all products are consistently priced, without overpricing for men’s products)
  • The ingredients are easy to understand
  • Natural Soul takes skincare back to basics
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